Friday, February 20, 2015

Blizzard Bag #1 World's Greatest Cup of Hot Cocoa

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The  World’s  Best  Hot  Cocoa

Your first blizzard bag assignment is to write directions on how to make THE WORLD’S BEST HOT COCOA.

Be sure to list the ingredients needed and the step by step directions. If you find a recipe online to use, you must rewrite the directions in your own words. Please do not copy and paste. That is literally COPYING SOMEONE ELSE'S words. 

You can write this on a plain piece of paper, make it into a poster, add pictures, etc. Have fun!

This assignment is due in two weeks, on March 6th. For those without internet access, this will be due 2 weeks after we return to school.

It is worth 100 points and will be a writing grade.
20 points for correct spelling and punctuation
20 points complete sentences.
20 points for appealing pictures/graphics.
20 points for a title, your name and credit to any sources (cookbook, website, etc.) if used.
20 points for creativity...come on! make this a really amazing drink. (Don't say: Heat water. Add a packet. If you are using a packet mix, spice it up and add something extra to it!)

Have fun with this assignment!

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