Friday, November 7, 2014

5th Annual Book Parade

4th Grade Book Parade Float Guidelines
It is time for the 5th Annual Book Parade! At home, you will create a “float” to represent the book or author that you have chosen.  You may use any size box, and/or tape boxes together. Cereal and shoe boxes work best. Your float should celebrate and share the book/author with the world! You can add pictures you have drawn or printed out. You can use any kind of craft supplies, but most of all your float should be 3D.  For example, you could recreate a scene from the book and have the characters stand up on the float , OR you might make your entire float be a character. There are many different options and there is not one RIGHT way. There are some pictures on the class website of some examples.
Be creative and have fun!
Your Assignment

The float clearly represents your book or author.

You didn’t use flames, fireworks, or smoke bombs!

Your float is neat.

Your float shows great effort/pride.

You can carry (or push or pull) the float for 40-45 minutes. (Don’t make it too heavy. This doesn’t have to be on wheels.)

You completely covered the box!

Your float has 3D elements.

Your float is creative & unique.

You brought your float to school on Mon. Nov. 24th.

In classStudents will write a book “blurb”, the announcement of their float which is read during the parade. This is a writing grade. We will work on these in class the week of Nov. 17-21.
Students will be able to take their floats home on Tuesday, after the parade.
Please email me any questions you may have!
Mrs. Strohecker

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What a well thought out and exciting project. One of the best I've seen in a long time.