Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blizzard bag number 3

This is your 3rd Blizzard bag. I am sure that some of you are loving the blizzard bags, and others are not liking the blizzard bags. Some kids are happy to do the blizzard bags because that means we will not have to make up a school day in the summer. Other kids do not like the blizzard bags because they say it ruins their fun snow day. What do you think about blizzard bags?
Your assignment is to write a letter to either Mrs. Sharshan, Mr. Mook, or the Governor of Ohio. Your letter should express your personal opinion of Blizzard bags, whether you are for or against them. Your letter should have 3~5 strong reasons to support your opinion.

Here is link to help you:

I will be posting more links and examples later on today.

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