Monday, March 4, 2013

Right to Read!

What a fun week! Here is the line up...

Right to Read Week 2013    
March 4th – 8th
Monday: Crazy Sock Day –
·         Students can wear their favorite pair of crazy sox. 
·         Stop Drop and Read (2:30 – 2:45) students can go shoeless and read somewhere in the building. 
·         Author Visit: Paul Orshoski Grades K-1 (1:00-1:30). Grades 2,3,and 4 (1:45-2: 15) APR
Tuesday:  Switcheroo Day –
·         Students can dress as someone they would like to be.
·         Stop, Drop and Read (2:30 – 2:45) students can Switch and read in a different classroom.  
·         Teachers (pre-4th) will switch classrooms with a different grade level teacher of their choosing.  Lesson will be prepared by the classroom teacher for the visiting teacher. Lesson should last about 40 minutes.  Switches will be in afternoon (1:30 - 2:10).
Wednesday: Green Grinch Day –
·         Wear green. 
·         The cafeteria will be serving green eggs and ham. 
·         Players from the Phantoms Hockey Team will be here to read to each class.  Please see attached schedule.
·          (1:15 – 1:30) Stop, drop and Read, sit by something or someone green! 
Thursday:  Inside Out / Reverse Day –
·         Wear your clothes inside out or backwards! 
·         Seuss Movie.. Classes can pick a favorite Dr.Seuss movie and watch it at their convenience.  PTO will provide popcorn!
·         Musical Reading… during Stop Drop and Read (1:15 – 1:30), when music plays move to a place to read. You must stop moving, sit down and read when music stops! 
Friday: Animal T-shirt day –
·         Wear a t-shirt with your favorite animal on it. 
·         Students can bring a stuffed animal and read to it in their classroom during Stop Drop and Read (10:00 – 10:15). 
·         Wild About Books animal show at 1:30 APR
Mystery Readers: Each day we will have 2 mystery readers.  Classes can guess to see if they can identify each reader.  Slips will be given to each teacher to record 

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