Monday, February 4, 2013

This week our spelling words are focusing on the prefixes UN and DIS, and how adding these prefixes to a word can change the meaning of the word.

We will wrap up tall tales this week. On Thursday, the students will read two short stories and decide which is a tall tale. More importantly, they will have to support their answer with evidence from the text. This type of activity and higher order thinking correlates to the new Common Core Standards.

Upcoming events...
Next Thursday, Feb. 14th: Class Parties & Conference Night

Please send in a valentine for EVERYONE in our class. A lsit of names is being sent home.

Conference requests were sent home with some students in their report cards. If you ever want to conference with me, please just call me or send in a note!
Thursday, Feb. 21
Wizard of Oz field trip at the theatre uptown. More details will be sent home and posted later this week. We can't wait to see Zhenya, Stanley, Emilee, & the Wilzcak dog!

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