Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week One! August 27-31

 We had a very nice start to the new school year. Just a few items to mention:

*Spelling and Homework will begin next week.

*Rules for the class are based on Whole Brain Teaching. They are:
Rule #1 Follow directions quickly.
Rule #2 Raise your hand to speak.
Rule #3 Use good manners.
Rule #4 Make smart choices.
Rule #5 Keep your dear teacher happy.

We have had quite a few laughs practicing the motions together! I am very interested in learning more about the Whole Brain Teaching techniques this year!

*I will label the class posts by dates...or at least try to! This way it might be easier to find spelling lists, homework, etc.

*I am also very excited to announce that I will be participating in Literacy Collaborative program at The Ohio State University this year. I will be trained as a 3-6 Literacy Coach!

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