Sunday, April 22, 2012

the time has come...

So it is testing week.
Wednesday is Reading.
Friday is Math.
There will be no spelling test this week.

I am lucky that I have a principal who does not just measure teachers by test scores: Test scores from a test that is given on ONE day out of the entire year. These tests can be (and are) very, very stressful for everyone. We will all be glad when the week is over!

I wonder how other occupations would do if they were measured in this way.
How about doctors and nurses? What if they were ranked on how healthy their patients were? Healing times? Survival rates of patients? Sorry Mr. Doctor, several of your patients are still smoking and there are others who have high BMI', you do not "pass".

Anyways, I found this on pinterest and really thought it was neat:

Teaching in Paradise

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Patrick O'Brien said...

How is test week in Ohio? In Texas it's been miserable. Just curious to see what it's like around the country.