Monday, April 30, 2012

Can't believe it is MAY!

Tomorrow is the first day of May. I still can't believe it. And...I really can't believe that my own 4th grader will be 10 this week! Question is: should I make a birthday treat for just his homeroom? I feel like my own homeroom will NOT be happy with that! HAHAHA.
This week we are going to be starting a different type of unit during our Intervention time. This has been a test prep time, but now that the test is over, we can move on!
I think the kids are going to love this: We are doing a unit on Health! Yep, just like in the good old days. We are watching Brain Pop movies on the Brain, our Skeletons, Muscles, Eyes, Brain, etc. I found some old Slim Goodbody movies on Discovery Education that are actually pretty good as far as content goes! I am hoping that if this goes over well, we can do some other units like this next year. It would be a meaningful way of integrating non-fiction reading and writing skills!

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