Monday, October 10, 2011

We finally finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was such a wonderful book and I think many kids are convinced that the book is better than either of the movies!

We will spend the next week or so reading many books by Chris Van Allsburg. He is the author of Jumanji and Zathura.  He is both an amazing author and artist.

I found the book images from, along with this GREAT description of his work. "Chris Van Allsburg is an AMAZING artist and storyteller. His picture books are full of mystery, suspense and science fiction. They are not best suited for little ones, however you could read Z was Zapped and a few others to younger readers. Although he is best known for his beloved Christmas book, The Polar Express, most of Van Allsburg's books are perfect for reading in October, with the mystery and eeriness that his books are full of. Welcome the autumn season in by reading The Widow's Broom and The Stranger. His illustrations are so incredible, you really have to spend more time looking at the pictures than reading the words. He captures so many emotions and leaves the reader thinking all the time. When you pick up these books for your child, make sure you read them together and discuss what happened in the book. Read it more than once and reinforce what you discussed. He leaves a lot of clues and children have to use inferencing to figure out exactly what went on. Inference is a sophisticated and important comprehension skill that good readers need to develop. Chris Van Allsburg is a great way to practice that skill with your child. His books are so fun! I promise you'll enjoy them as much as your child."
We spent time pre-testing over the Ninety Most Common Misspelled Words. We covered 40 of the words. The kids added the words they misspelled to their spelling list, and included social studies and science words if they needed extra to make a list of ten words. This spelling test will be on Friday.

On Friday, I will be presenting at the Mahoning County Educational Center’s Technology Conference!

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