Monday, September 19, 2011

Sept. 19-23

Originally by Danielle Mahoney
This week we are concentrating on the reading and writing strategy of EXTENDING VOCABULARY.
As part of this strategy, we are focusing on using words other than “said” in our writing. We are also paying attention to those words in our reading and noticing how word choice helps readers create pictures in their minds to better understand what they are reading.
For  spelling this week, we will focus on the following words that are commonly used instead of “said”. PLEASE study at home. Spelling City is a free website that allows students to put in the words and then practice spelling through various games.
1. answered
2. argued
3. asked
4. bragged
5. cried
6. laughed
7. muttered
8. replied
9. screamed
10.  shouted
11.  snapped
12.  whispered

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