Monday, September 26, 2011

Spelling Sept. 26

More Spelling Info.
(I need to post about something other than spelling!)
Good news though...We are on our way to our individualized lists. The goal is to have each student learning words that they have misspelled in their writing notebooks. This is a slow process with 75+ students, but we are getting there!
This week every student has different words which came from a master list of words. The master list of words were words associated with autumn. Every student highlighted 12 words on the master list and will keep that list at school. They each copied their word list into their planner on p. 25.
Please study the words at home. Ideas: Write them once a night. Write them three times each. Have a practice spelling test. Go to Spelling City and play games with the words. There are lots of ways to practice.
If you are concerned about a low spelling test grade, you will be happy to know that I will drop the lowest spelling test grade for each nine weeks.

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