Tuesday, August 9, 2011

to theme or not to theme?

Many teachers are very busy putting together classrooms this month. Due to renovations, we are not able to get in our rooms yet, so I am working away at home. I have been browsing lots of teacher websites and blogs getting new ideas. I am stuck on whether or not to have a classroom theme. My own 4th grader and his two friends who slept over last night are all saying YES!. So now...which theme do I go with. I like the room to have a calm, home-like atmosphere. I have lots of (fake) plants, small lamps and tablecloths. 

I have pinned some ideas at pinterest. 
I am thinking:
globes. all kinds
yellow red lime aqua orange
reading adventures
snoopy/peanuts. I have this amazing collection of peanuts stuff all boxed up. Several boxes. The boys agree this would be cool. The seal of approval I needed!

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