Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reflections and Connections

Think Pinker! by Treewhimsy
Think Pinker!, a photo by Treewhimsy on Flickr.

yes, it is the first official day of summer and i am looking up room decor ideas! it is hard to find something that is passing my fourth grade son's test of coolness!
loved these birds, thinking about having a variety of objects in the room to help spark writing ideas and images. made me think about my middle school social studies teacher's room...Mr. Merz filled it with vintage license plates, protest posters and other historical memoriablia. he used an old railroad spike as a paper weight. when you walked in, you could tell what was valued...you could see his passion for both history and teaching it to us. i want the literacy classroom i have next year to have the same kind of environment. glad i can find a good variety of images on flickr and quickly post them here.

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