Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 25

Reminder: Early release on Friday, April 29th 
Field Trip next Friday,
May 6th

This week we will be practicing for the diagonstic assessments that will
be given next week. I want the students to be familiar with the format.
There are three parts to the diagonstics: reading, writing and math.
These will be given next Tues., Wed., and Thurs. You can find sample
questions and more information at the Ohio Department of Education's
I know this is a crazy long link!

In Math, we continue to problem solve and learn about fractions. We are
also working on making change up to $1.00. We go over this every morning
with our Morning Math activities.
We will be reviewing concepts from the year over the next few weeks, and
continuing to add and subtract two digit numbers. The students need to
be able to show their work in at least two ways. We count on and count
back using number lines. We break down the numbers with expanded
notation (58 is the same as 50+8). We use and record with base ten
blocks. All of these activities build the foundation needed to really
understand the standard US algorithm for adding and subtracting...the
"carrying" and "borrowing" that we are all used to.

Keep  track of the moon each night!  Please see the attached pages. This
is not due until May 13th.

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