Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec. 6th, 2010

I was not at school today, Monday, because Mia was sick all night. She is feeling better now, but still laying on the couch for the most part.
I apologize for the newsletter and homework coming home a day late. Santa Shoppe letters went home and that probably the most important topic on the student's list!
This week:
We will studing the spelling pattern of ink and ing.

In math, we have started geometry. Second graders are expected to:
1. Identify, describe, compare and sort three-dimensional objects (i.e.,cubes, spheres, prisms, cones, cylinders and pyramids) according to the shape of the faces or the number of faces, edges or vertices.

2. Predict what new shapes will be formed by combining or cutting apart existing shapes.

3. Recognize two-dimensional shapes and three-dimensional objects from different positions.

4. Identify and determine whether two-dimensional shapes are congruent (same shape and size) or similar (same shape different size) by copying or using superposition (lay one thing on top of another).

5. Create and identify two-dimensional figures with line symmetry; e.g., what letter shapes, logos, polygons are symmetrical?


We are LOVING Little House in the Big Woods, both the chapter book and picture books. When I first started reading the chapter book, one of the boys said, "Isn't this for girls?" Oh! Ho! Ho! I wish you could have seen their faces and reactions to the first pages of the book.
Pa and Uncle Henry butcher a pig!
Laura remembers seeing two wolves sitting outside the house!
Laura and Mary eat a pig's tail!
The giggling and squeals from the girls and boys were wonderful. They are begging for more each wonderful!

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