Monday, October 4, 2010

Oct. 4 Monday

I am out sick today. Must be this cold weather! I just wanted to post in case someone checks here for this week's newsletter. A hard copy will be sent home tomorrow, Tuesday. See you tomorrow.
Mrs. Strohecker

This week is Fire Prevention week. When I was in 3rd grade, we had a fire at our house. Thankfully no one was injured, but there was much damage. I will never forget hearing the fire trucks at school and coming home to the disaster. Please take time this week and go over an emergency exit plan with your family, and take a minute to double check your smoke alarms. We can’t prevent all disasters, but we can try. I found some great info at

We have a great display outside of the gym so be sure to take a peek!

Math: Combinations of 10. Complete the worksheet. Teach someone Tens Go Fish to help you practice these combinations. You will need a deck of playing cards...or you can use the number cards attached. Please keep these cards at home to play other games in the future.

Word Study: ACK Words!

Read Jumpin’ Jack to 3 people. Circle the ACK words.

Study your ACK words by completing one of spelling activities. You can keep this list at home to refer to each week. You only need to complete one activity, but you will get a homework sticker for any that you turn in!

October Spelling Activities
Use your spelling words from this week and complete work on another sheet of paper. Be sure your name is on your paper! You need to turn in one activity by Friday, but you can do more for more sticker chart stickers!

Rainbow Spelling: Write your words 5 times each tracing over your words with 3 different colors.

Illustrate your words, write your spelling word under your picture two times.

Take a practice test with a parent and have them grade it. (Parent signature required on test)

Write each word 6 times in your best handwriting.

Write sentences using your words, underline the words, and include no more than 2 spelling words per sentence.

Cut letters (not words) from a magazine or newspaper and glue them on a paper to spell your words.

Write a story using all your words.

Write a poem using your words. Give it a title and illustrate it.

Write a T.V. commercial for your favorite toy using your words. Underline the words.

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