Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sept. 20-24
I have been assessing the students on their reading and spelling of sight words. Attached is a list of those words. Please keep this list at home and have your student practice reading these words. I have highlighted words that they missed during the reading assessment.

In math, we are working on combinations of 10. We are praciting counting change. There are lots of free websites that offer games to teach this. We have been using this one in class:

This site allows you to create custom woksheets! Perfect for extra practice!
This week for social studies we are continuing to learn about different types of communities. I postponed the quiz so that we could have a few more days to use the new vocabulary words of rural, urban and suburban. This week we will finish up a mural of all three communities and we will have a quiz over these words THIS Friday.

This week your child has spelling words! We all have the same words this week, but as the year progresses I hope to differentiate spelling lists to meet the needs of the students. Please practice these words. There will be a pre-test on Thursday and a test on Friday.
Next Week: Open House! 6:00-7:30pm

Homework: Homework is due on Friday, but can be sent back anytime. I hope this system is working for you all! Please complete the attached Spelling and Math sheets.

Reading Log: Please fill in for each night that your child spends time reading or writing. A good goal is 15 minutes (or more!), 3 times a week. The chart can be foudn on the hard copy of the newsletter that was sent home.

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