Monday, August 16, 2010

Top Ten Favorite Teacher Supplies

I read a similiar post and thought this was a great idea! Here are my top 10 favorite teacher supplies.

10. Flair Pens by Papermate: Best pens ever.
9. Sentence Strips.
8. Mr. Sketch Smelly Markers: I treat myself to a new pack each year and recycle the old ones for the kids to use.
7. Google Docs.
6. Flickr: This is almost always my first stop when looking for ideas.
5. Scrapbook paper: Super Cheap and makes EVERYTHING look better.
4. Black bulletin board paper: It makes anchor charts and students work really POP.
3. A digital camera: I resolve to take many more pics this year!
2. Coffee.
1. My paper cutter: Thank you to my brother, Jeremy Hofmann, for buying me this when he got his first job out of college. I have used this for over 10 years now and highly recommend getting one for your room. This is small enough to keep out of the way, but will still cut through paper and heavy cardstock with ease.

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