Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Days

How fast the year has gone, and WOW! What a year we have had.
We have solved hundreds of problems and taken countless Brain Pop quizzes.
We watched storm systems move across the United States (remember all the crazy snow we had this year!). 
We learned about volcanos and earthquakes, solids and liquids.
We laughed at Dr. Loopy and Carl.
We got to know Tim and Moby.
We enjoyed time with Miss Molly and Miss Liz.
We created inventions of the future and sang science safety songs.
We know how to find range, median and mode.
 We wrote a book about math and poems about our hearts.
We danced the Macarena and Cha-Cha Slide, and even learned some yoga breathing techniques!
We raised over $500 for Haitian Relief while having an awesome rummage sale.
We visited the Butler Art Museum and the Planetarium.
We took the OAA and solved math problems for The Ohio State University.
We learned from Mrs. Green...I think I learned just as much as you guys did!
We tried guamole, dried fruit, hummus and a few other new foods.
We made organized lists and tables of information.
We decorated the room with our glyphs and our brains.
We raised money for Haitian relief with our rummage sale.
We read Lafcadio and most of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
And I will NEVER forget the day I was kissed by a chicken puppet!!!!
I have proudly watched you all grow from the "new little kids" of middle the "soon-to-be fifth graders" you are today!
I will miss you all so much and I look forward to watching you all graduate in 2017! 
Be sure to come back and visit me!
Your Fourth Grade teacher,
Mrs. Strohecker

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