Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29- April 2

Monday: Worksheet with comparing decimals and a Backwards Homework question.
Example: The answer is : Susan ran 3.5 miles.
So your question could be something like this:
Susan ran 1.25 miles on Monday, 1.25 miles on Tuesday and 1 mile on Wednesday. How many miles did she run?
or maybe...
Jeremy ran 10 miles. He ran 6.5 miles more than Susan, so how many miles did Susan run?
Your problem can be one, two or even three steps! You can add, subtract, multiply or divide...find a pattern, etc.
Tuesday: Comparing Decimals Worksheet. BE SURE TO GET YOUR HOMEWORK is going to be really nice out and I don't want anyone to have to stay in.
Wednesday: Range, Median and Mode review
Thursday: No homework
Friday: No School
WOW take a look at these erosion pictures!
Weathring Jeopardy

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