Monday, October 26, 2009

Red Ribbon Week kicks off with Dress ...

Oct. 26- 30 Update on Oct. 29

I was out for the past two days so today we will get everything checked over, updated and back to normal! 

Tomorrow is the Fall Fun Day. The party begins at 1:30pm. We will parade at 2:15/2:20ish.



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Red Ribbon Week kicks off with Dress Like Your Role Model! Tuesday will be Dress Like a Nerd and Wednesday is Crazy Dress Day. On Thursday, we will give drugs the boot by dressing up like cowboys. On Friday we will have a parade to show off our best costumes! The celebration begins at 1:30pm.


Remember to wash your hands at home often! The students are probably getting tired of hearing me tell them this, but it really is our best defense! Stay home and rest if you are sick. This is the start of a new nine weeks so we have time to make up assignments and get everyone caught up. I am going to try and post one or two activities from the day so if your child is out sick you can get a general idea of what was covered.



We found all of the factors of 100 and went over our math workshop packets. We made a list of waht we know about factors and multiples with our newest piece of technology: the Elmo!

Homework: Math Unit 1, p. 25 Picnic Supplies

Tuesday: Mrs. Strohecker was out sick.

Wednesday: Mrs. Strohecker was out sick.



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