Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept. 28- Oct. 2

Sept. 28- Oct. 2

This week we start into Investigations Unit 1, Factors, Multiples and Arrays. Your student is bringing home a family letter that explains more about this unit. Please be sure to read over the letter and ask questions at any time. Each student has a hard back, Math Resource Book. This book can be taken home and used when needed. Pages 16-34 are an excellent reference for this unit.


We will have a quiz over the states of matter on Thursday. This week he students are choosing an experiment they would like to do in a small group in class. Your student may have an item or two they need to bring in depending on the experiment they have chosen. Please bring in this item(s) by MONDAY. (note the change!)


We are really having a terrific year!  As a parent myself, I want to say thanks for all that you do!



Monday: Math: Unit 1, p. 3 & 4

Tuesday: Math: Unit 1, p. 7 & 8 BOTH SIDES!!!!

Wednesday: Math: Worksheet  Science: Share your experiment planning sheet.

Thursday: Science Quiz tomorrow. Go over study guide.

Friday: Clippers vs. United Home, See you at the game!

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