Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Newsletter: Sept. 7-11

I hope everyone enjoyed our four day weekend!

This week in math we will be working on addition strategies and problem solving. Each student should have two strategies for solving a 3 digit addition problem. A great resource to use are the pages 8-10 in the Math Handbook.

We continue to work in our Science Notebooks by taking notes, making observations and asking questions about the different types of matter. We had quite a surprise with our soaking popcorn seeds. They have sprouted! We did not expect this, but it has posed some interesting questions and discussions. This week we will look at properties of solids, liquids and gases.

We spent a little time during study hall this week "thinking about our thinking". We talked about how each of us has different talents and gifts to share. I want the students to become mindful of their thinking learning throughout the year.

Please remember to look at your child's agenda or "planner" each night. I check the agenda books each morning to see if they have copied their math and science homework. They then write their language arts and social studies homework in their agendas when they are at Mrs. Baylor's. These agendas are used throughout middle school, so keeping an organized agenda is a good habit to start now!

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