Friday, March 20, 2009

Teacher Link Love: Teaching That Makes Sense

First of all, I love the name of this site. It seems that people in general often make choices and do things without thinking "does this make sense"? Crazy, but true. (Especially true of middle schoolers.)
Next, I am sucker for sites that have great resources already in pdf form. No special copy and pasting and formating and saving needed. Just click and print. Thank you!
And finally...I googled the guy who runs the sight, Steve Peha and noticed his amazon listmania! was filled with great books from people like: Regie Routman, Frank Smith, and Alfie Kohn...just to name a few.


EB6,RE6 said...

we think that stephan hawking happed the world by telling how gravitive and science works

HG5 said...

i love this site, its sooooo rockin
i also have an idea to raise money is to have a small carwash![money goes to rainbow babies!!!!!!!!!!!!