Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mystery Person Info for this Week

I couldn't get this info to post with the video below, so please see the post below for a video on our new Mystery Person of character: Johnny Lee.
After watching the video, please answer this question:

Why do you think I chose Johnny Lee as a Person of Character?


MB5 said...

You should chose weird al because he is like the best commity person in mucick

AC4 said...

I think the movie of DJ Gregory was a happy then it got sad all the suden and it almost made me cry a little bit and if you would of fell down we would of picked you up like they did in the movie with DJ Gergory.

BS4th said...

I saw that you didn't give up. My class saw that if you fell down you would not stay down you would get right back up. And I'm very sorry that you feel enbarest. But you shouldn't. And it was a marrical that the doctor said you would be in a weelchare for the rest of your life but you didn't.